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Question 1:

The alphabets a, b, c represent integers forming a 2 digit number’ ab’ and a 3 digit number ‘ccb’. Both are defined under the usual decimal number system. If (ab)^2 = ccb and ccb>300 Then the value of b is:

Question 2:

For how many prime numbers N, N and (N+2) will be prime numbers?

Question 3:

(1111111)^2 = ?

Question 4:

When a stone of weight 121 kg is dropped from a certain height then it is broken into 5 different pieces. What is the difference between the weights of the largest piece and the smallest piece?

Question 5:

Which of the following statement is true?

Question 6:

Let p, q and r be distinct integers that are odd and positive. Which of the following must be true ?

Question 7:

Mr Chopra forgot his telephone number. All he remembers is that the 1st digit of the number is an even prime number and the rest of the telephone number is square of a particular number. Now this number ( which is to be squared ) comprises of the first four natural numbers in ascending order. What is the telephone number of Mr Chopra ?

Question 8:

Anil wants to divide Rs 100 into a number of bags so that one can ask for any amount between Re 1 and Rs 100. He can give the proper amount by giving certain number of these bags without taking out the amount from them. What is the minimum number of bags he will require if each bag has whole number of rupees?

Question 9:

Let n!=1x 2x 3x 4 x…….x n for integer n greater than or equal to 1. What could be the value of 1!+ (2x2!)+ (3x3!)+ (4x4!)+ …….+ (10x10!) ?

Question 10:

Manisha has to multiply 2 numbers together, but she uses 35 instead of 53 in this product and finds that the product has decreased by 540. What is this increased product?