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Question 1:

Which Muslim ruler has the figure of Goddess Lakshmi on the coins?

Question 2:

Consider the following:

1. Tughluqabad

2. Lodi Garden

3. Qutb Minar

4. Fatehpur Sikri

The correct chronological order in which they were built is :

Question 3:

The Horse-Shoe arch was first introduced in the-

Question 4:

Who among the following was NOT a ruler of the Tughlaq dynasty?

Question 5:

Which among the following terms was used for the measurement of land during Delhi Sultanate?

Question 6:

Which among the following group is the correct Chronological order of the Dynasty of Delhi Sultanate?

Question 7:

Match the following:

Choose the correct codes from the following option

       A  B C D

Question 8:

Which ruler paid his soldiers with 'token currency' made out of cheap metals, not gold and silver. This cheap currency was used by people in paying back the taxes and this policy failed.

Question 9:

Which of the following statements is incorrect?

Question 10:

Study the statements carefully

Assertion(A): Razia was the last woman who ruled Delhi Sultanate.

Reason(R): Women held a high position in the Social and economic structure of the Delhi Sultanate.