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Question 1:

The Battle of Takkolam took place at—

Question 2:

Manimangalam war was fought between Pulakeshin and ______.

Question 3:

The Kalabhra rebellion took place in ______.

Question 4:

Which of the following pair is Not correctly matched?
Battles - King

Question 5:

Battle of Talaiyalanganam was fought in—

Question 6:

By whom among the following the mighty confederacy consisting of Cheras, Pandyas and eleven minor chieftains was defeated in the Battle of Venni?

Question 7:

Chinese general Pancho defeated—

Question 8:

Which inscription gives information about the Kalinga war of Ashoka?

Question 9:

Who among the following was NOT a ruler of the Tughlaq dynasty?

Question 10:

Under which of the following rulers did Delhi first become a capital?