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Question 1:

Three numbers are ratio $\frac{5}{3}: \frac{7}{6}: \frac{13}{12} .$ If the difference between greatest and smallest number is 56, the value of smallest number will be:

Question 2:

P is proportional to Q . Q is inversely proportional to R . R is proportional to the square of S. S is Directly Proportional to the cube root of T. (Assuming all are positive integers). If P increase then T

Question 3:

The ratio of the salaries of Rajeev and Karan is 6 : 7. If Rajeev’s salary is increased by 75% and Karan’s salary is reduced by 50%, their ratio becomes 20 : 13. What is the salary of Rajeev?

Question 4:

The students in three classes are in the ratio $4: 6: 9 .$ If 12 students are increased in each class, the ratio changes to $7: 9: 12 .$ Then the total number of students in the three classes before the increase is :

Question 5:

The income of $A$ and $B$ are in the ratio $5: 6$ and their expenditure are in the ratio $4: 3$. If A saves Rs. 8000 and B saves Rs. 12000 , then find the income of B?

Question 6:

Ratio of monthly incomes of A and B is $5: 8$ and that of their monthly expenditure is 4 : 7 . If the income of $A$ is equal to expenditure of $B$, then what is the ratio of savings of $B$ to savings of A?

Question 7:

Find the third proportion of $\left(a^{2}-b^{2}\right)$ and $(a-b)$.

Question 8:

Marks obtained by Mayank in English and Hindi are in the ratio of 4 : 5, respectively, while ratio of marks obtained by Mayank in Science and Maths is 5 : 6, respectively. He scored 36 marks more in Maths than in Hindi, and scored 32 marks more in Science than in English. Find the ratio of sum of marks obtained by Mayank in English and Hindi to that of Science and Maths.

Question 9:

Number of boys was four times to the number of girls in a dance competition in 2019. In the same competition in 2020, 33 more girls joined and 22 less boys participated then number of girls become twice the number of boys. Find number of girls participated in 2020 .

Question 10:

An amount is divided among $A, B$ and $C$ in the ratio of $1: 4: 3$ respectively. If the amount received by C is Rs. 14,000 more than the amount received by A, then find the amount received by B?