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Question 1:

At what level do human beings have security needs?

Question 2:

How do children learn? Which one of the following is not true with respect to this statement?

Question 3:

Who has developed the specific intellectual theory?

Question 4:

Adolescents may experience :

Question 5:

Meaningful learning in the classrooms, a teacher should:

1. Relate to a real-Life situation.

2. Learning is the process of acquiring new understanding and knowledge.

3. Promote dialogue and discussion among children to build multiple perspectives.

4. Follow the rules and standard methods of instruction in the classroom.

Question 6:

Which one of these factors play a very important role in learning?

Question 7:

What is the meaning of intelligence- ''you have abilities to coordinate bodily movements''?

Question 8:

Difficulty in Speech expression. This disorder is known as :

Question 9:

Divergent thinking and originality this process is related to?

Question 10:

Motivation is: