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Question 1:

If $4 \mathrm{~A}=7 \mathrm{~B}=6 \mathrm{C}$, then $\mathrm{A}+\mathrm{B}+\mathrm{C}: \mathrm{B}+\mathrm{C}-\mathrm{A}=$ ?

Question 2:

3/7th of a beaker contains water. 16 L of water is required to fill the beaker with water to the top. What is the capacity of the beaker?

Question 3:

An employer reduces the number of employees in the ratio $8: 5$ and increases their wages in the ratio $7: 9$. As a result, the overall wages bill is:

Question 4:

Ratio of monthly incomes of A and B is $5: 8$ and that of their monthly expenditure is 4 : 7 . If the income of $A$ is equal to expenditure of $B$, then what is the ratio of savings of $B$ to savings of A?

Question 5:

When $x$ is subtracted from each of $18,22,57$ and 73, the numbers so obtained in this order are in proportion. What is the value of $x$ ?

Question 6:

Mohit and Rohit are two partners in a firm sharing the profit in the ratio of $4: 5$. The firm exams a profit of $14,130$ then profit to be received by Rohit -

Question 7:

5 years ago the ratio of the age of A and B was 4 : 7. The ratio of their ages after 5 years will be 3 : 5. Find the present age of A .

Question 8:

If Rs. 686 is divided into four parts whose ratio is $\frac{1}{2}: \frac{2}{3}: 3: 4$, then what will be the first part?

Question 9:

Amit is a painter by profession, in one of his paintings he uses two colours namely, red and green in the ratio $5: 4$. If in upper half of the painting red and green colours are used in $3: 7$ ratio, then in lower half red and green are used in which ratio ?

Question 10:

A man invested $15 \%$ of his monthly income in LIC and the remaining amount gave to his mother. Her mother spent $10 \%$ of it in household expenditure and thus she saved Rs. 30,600 , then find the monthly salary of the man.