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Question 1:

Who among the following is a professional football player?

Question 2:

Through which magazine did Abul Kalam Azad cooperate during the Khilafat movement?

Question 3:

Mona writes about an ocean that separates North America from Europe, Which ocean is it?

Question 4:

Who was the President of the 19th session of the Indian National Congress?

Question 5:

Sarojini Naidu called Gandhiji and __________ as the 'two Mahatmas'.

Question 6:

'Manduka Shabdam' is an element of which of the following dance forms ?

Question 7:

The quality of diesel is expressed by which number?

Question 8:

Under the power of judicial review, the Supreme Court and the High Court can examine -

Question 9:

Which cricket player’s Autobiography is titled ‘281 and Beyond’?

Question 10:

With which of the following countries India conducted the 4th edition of joint military exercise, 'Dharma Guardian'?