BPSC state specific Quiz - 11

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Question 1:

In which state was the Political Inquiry Commission formed for the first time in the country?

Question 2:

Where did the evidence of Mauryan architecture came  in the state of Bihar?

Question 3:

Bihar has signed an MoU with which Organisation for climate resilience and low carbon development strategy formulation ?

Question 4:

Which movement of Bihar was called the second war of independence?

Question 5:

Who is the author of the book Rajneeti Ratnakar?

Question 6:

When was the first non-Congress government formed in Bihar?

Question 7:

Where did the first student movement of independent India take place?

Question 8:

The first state of India which made land reform law?

Question 9:

Bihar’s first state - level bird festival “KALRAV” was organized at which of the following places ?

Question 10:

 In which year did the Bihar or J.P  movement started in Bihar ?