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Question 1:

What will come in the place of question mark (?) in the given expression?

$[\{(1458 \div 9) \div 6\} \div 3]+16^{2}+\sqrt{2} 25=?$

Question 2:

The profit percent earned by selling an article at Rs. 1600 is 2 times of the loss percent earned by selling that article at Rs1200. What is the cost price of the article.?

Question 3:

The sum of numerator and denominator of a fraction is 10 . If the numerator is increased by 3 and denominator is decreased by 1 , the fraction becomes 1 . What is the difference between numerator and denominator of the fraction?

Question 4:

The sum of LCM and HCF of two numbers is 728 and the difference between LCM and HCF is 520 . If one of the numbers is 208 , then what is the other number?

Question 5:

S.P. of 4 shoes is equal to the profit on selling 12 Sandals and loss on selling 12 shoes equals to the S.P. of 6 sandals. Cost of a shoes is equal to one-fourth of cost a sandal. What is ratio of S.P. of a shoes to S.P. of a sandal given that profit % is equal to the loss %?

Question 6:

If $\log _{10} x+\log _{10} x^{2}=2 \log _{10} x+1$, then what is the value of $x$ ?

Question 7:

find the possible value of $p: q$ given that $\frac{21 p^{2}+p q}{3 p q-q^{2}}=15$

Question 8:

Sindhu and Sonia started a retail store with initial investments in the ratio $5: 6$ and their annual profits were in the ratio $2: 3$. If Sindhu invested the money for 8 months. For how many months did Sonia invest his money?

Question 9:

Two friends Amit and Bipeen invest in a business in partnership. Bipeen borrows $20 \%$ of Amit 's salary, combines it with $60 \%$ of his salary and invests with Amit , who puts all of his remaining salary. One year later the ratio of profit of Amit and Bipeen is 5: 3 respectively and returns Rs. 21000 to $A$ mit which he borrowed from him. What is the difference between salary of Amit and Bipeen?

Question 10:

IF $\cos (\alpha+\beta)=0$ then find the value of $\tan (5 \alpha+6 \beta)$