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Question 1:

Who has been appointed as the first woman Chairperson and Managing Director of NBFC Power Finance Corporation (PFC) Ltd by the Public Enterprises Selection Board?

Question 2:

With reference to Exercise Ajeya Warrior-23, consider the following:

1. It is a joint military exercise between India and the United Kingdom.

2. In the year 2023, it was organized in Salisbury Plains, United Kingdom.

Which of the above statements is/are correct?

Question 3:

Who won the bronze medal in the women's 10m air pistol event at the ISSF World Cup 2023 held in Baku, Azerbaijan?

Question 4:

From which of the following Indian ports the first Indian cargo ship was flagged off for Sittwe port?

Question 5:

In May 2023, the Union Health Ministry launched a system called SAKSHAM with which one of the following objectives?

Question 6:

Which one of the following states has launched the first of its kind State Robotics Framework in May 2023?

Question 7:

The Prime Minister did not lay the foundation stone of which one of the following scientific projects on the occasion of National Technology Day?

Question 8:

Who among the following has been announced as the Laureus World Sportswoman of the Year Award by the Laureus World Sports Academy?

Question 9:

In which of the following places the ISSF World Cup 2023 was organized?

Question 10:

Which one of the following cricketers scored the fastest fifty in the Indian Premier League in May 2023?