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Question 1:

The first country in the world to impose health warnings on alcohol in May 2023?

Question 2:

Which one of the following states has the distinction of becoming India's first fully e-governed state in May 2023?

Question 3:

The International Booker Prize of 2023 was given to 'Georgi Gospodinov' for which one of the following books?

Question 4:

India's AI supercomputer 'Airavat' placed at which position in the global supercomputing list?

Question 5:

The country's first Urban Climate Film Festival is proposed at which of the following places?

Question 6:

At which of the following places the International Jumping Meeting 2023 was organized?

Question 7:

Which of the following Indian sportsperson won the gold medal at the International Jumping Meeting 2023 in Kallithea, Greece?

Question 8:

The crew of which of the following ships was welcomed at a flag-in ceremony in Goa on its return from an intercontinental voyage in May 2023?

Question 9:

In the third advance estimate of production of major crops for 2022-23, how much total food grain production has been estimated?

Question 10:

In May 2023, on which of the following ships 'MiG-29K' created a record for night landing?