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Question 1:

Foundation of SAARC Writers and Literature (FOSWAL) conferred a special literary award on who among the following?

Question 2:

Who among the following was honored with the Wildlife Conservation Award 2023?

Question 3:

In March 2023, who among the following was presented with the 'Lifetime Achievement Award' by the University of Texas?

Question 4:

 Which of the following pairs is correctly matched?

     Canal/Dam                River

    1. Idukki Dam            Kaveri

    2. Tawa Project         Narmada

    3. Mettur Dam           Periyar

    4. Ukai Project           Tapi

Which of the above pairs are correctly  matched?

Question 5:

Arrange the following oil refineries of India from East to West:

1. Bina

2. Jamnagar

3. Haldia

4. Koyali


Select the correct answer using the code given below:

Question 6:

"The goat and the lion drink water at the same ghat." This statement is famous about whose reign?

Question 7:

Consider the following statements -

Assertion (A) :- Mahmud of Ghazni first invaded India in 1001 AD.

Reason (R) :- Mahmud of Ghazni launched his first attack against the Shahi king Jaipal.

Select the correct answer from the codes given above


Question 8:

PM Shree Yojana is related to which of the following?

Question 9:

Which of the following is the site of Uttar Pradesh, which is not included in the World Heritage Site?

Question 10:

Khurshid Ali Khan belongs to which of the following classical singing gharanas?