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Question 1:

To whom, all the executive powers are vested in the Indian Constitution?

Question 2:

Which President of India is known as 'Missile Man'?

Question 3:

Which was the first state to be formed on the basis of language after the promulgation of the Constitution?

Question 4:

Who among the following read the Queen's proclamation at Allahabad after the revolt of 1857?

Question 5:

Temperate grassland found in Australia is

Question 6:

When was the "Swadeshi Movement" started?

Question 7:

The Himalayan rivers, while descending from the mountains, form a wide strip of stones and pebbles on the shield of Shivalik. What is that strip called?

Question 8:

The paintings of Ajanta cave are evidence of the golden age of which religion in India?

Question 9:

 Who among the following adopted the policy of iron and blood?

Question 10:

Keeping in mind the need of water, the first ruler who built a lake in the Girnar region for the first time was- ?