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Question 1:

The number of employees in an office is decreased in $11: 8$ and the salary of each employee is increased in $12: 17$, then office expenditure increases by Rs 1800 , what was the total salary of the employees in the beginning? (in Rupees).

Question 2:

The ratio of the ages of Anjali and Anjana, 18 years ago, was $3: 2$. $22$ years hence, the ratio of the ages of Anjali and Anjana will be $19: 16$. What is the ratio of their ages 18 years hence?

Question 3:

Three taps A, B and C can fill a tank in 50,60 and 30 hours respectively. How long (in hours) would the three taps take to fill the tank if all of them are together?

Question 4:

Rajan purchased bread costing Rs.35 and gave a Rs. 100 note to the shopkeeper. The shopkeeper gave the balance money in coins of denomination Rs.2, Rs. 5 and Rs. 10 If these coins are in the ratio $5: 7: 2$, then how many Rs. 5 coins did the shopkeeper give him?

Question 5:

A and B can do a certain work in 24 and 30 days respectively. They work together for 10 days. C alone completes the remaining work in 6 days. A and C together can complete $\frac{5}{6}$ th part of the same work in how many days?

Question 6:

Reduction of $15 \%$ in price of milk enables a buyer to buy 3 litre more milk for Rs. 800 . Find the quantity of milk he bought; also find initial quantity of milk?

Question 7:

A man mix two types of gold of 16 carat and 24 carat in the ratio of $3: 1 .$ What is carat of the new gold?

Question 8:

The ratio of milk and water in $55 \mathrm{~kg}$ of mixture is $7: 4 .$ The quantity of water must be added to make the ratio $7: 6$ is:

Question 9:

A man makes a profit of $20 \%$ on the sale by selling 20 articles for Rupees.1. The number of articles he bought for Rupees.1 is

Question 10:

Out of his total income, Mr. Kapur spends $20 \%$ on house rent and $70 \%$ of the rest on household expenses. If he saves Rs. 1,800, what is his total income (in rupess)?