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Question 1:

If $7 x-1=48$, then the value of $2 x^3+3 x$ is:

Question 2:

If the 5-digit number 9x34y is divisible by 24 , then what is the maximum value of $(\mathrm{x}+\mathrm{y})$ ?

Question 3:

Pipes A and B can fill a tank in $12 \mathrm{~h}$ and $18 \mathrm{~h}$, respectively, whereas pipe $\mathrm{C}$ can empty the full tank in $8 \mathrm{~h}$. A and B are opened for $4 \frac{1}{2} h$ and then closed. C alone will empty the tank in (in h):

Question 4:

The ratio of the speed of two trains is 3 : 8. If the first train travels 300 km in 5 hours, then what is the sum of the speeds (in km/h) of both the trains?

Question 5:

The value of $60 \div 5$ of $2 \times[18 \div 6 \times(12-9)$ of $5-(3-8)] \div 50$ is

Question 6:

A shopkeeper marks his goods at a price 30% higher than their cost price and allows 20% discount on every item. Find his gain percentage.

Question 7:

If $a^2+b^2+64 c^2+18=2(b-32 c-a)$, then the value of $(a+b-8 c)$ is:

Question 8:

A factory requires 42 machines to produce a certain number of articles in 63 days. It is proposed to produce the same number of articles in 54 days, using ${x}$ machines. The value of $4 x$ is:

Question 9:

How many small solid spheres of radius $5 \mathrm{~mm}$ can be made from a solid metallic cone of base radius $21 \mathrm{~cm}$ and height of $40 \mathrm{~cm}$?

Question 10:

The difference between compound interest and simple interest on an amount o $\mathrm{f}$ ₹ $22,000$ for 2 years is ₹ 220 . What is the rate of interest per annum? (In \%)