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Question 1:

If PALE is coded as 5293, EARTH is coded as 32681, how is PEARL coded in that code?

Question 2:

In a certain code language, 'ACCESS' is coded as '19925361361'. How will 'PRESENT' be coded as in that language?

Question 3:

In a certain code language, SCIENCE is written as ICSEECN. How is STEAMER written in that code language?

Question 4:

Select the option that is related to the third letter-cluster in the same way as the second letter-cluster is related to the first letter-cluster.


Question 5:

In a certain code language SUNRISE is written as XZSRDNZ whereas HONESTY is written as MTSENOT. In the same code language what will be the code for the word ABILITY?

Question 6:

If PIPE is written as 169165, then what is the last digit of SWAN?

Question 7:

If BIRBAL is coded as RIBLAB, how is DIESEL written in that code?

Question 8:

In a certain code language ‘ZERO’ is coded as ‘46’, ‘ROAD’ is coded as ‘83’ then what is the code for the word ‘WRIST’ in that language?

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Question 9:

If "STUDY" is coded as 89, "FASHION" is coded as 72, then what will be code of "HONESTY"?

Question 10:

If CERTAIN is coded as XVIGZRM, how can MUNDANE be coded?