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Question 1:

Pre - operational stage in Jean Piaget's theory of cognitive development characterizes _________________

Question 2:

As children enter the school:

Question 3:

The objective of the interview is –

Question 4:

Brunner has divided the stages of cognitive development into how many levels?

Question 5:

Girls -

Question 6:

Which of the following is an objective question?

Question 7:

Which of the following statement(s) is/are true-

(i) Kohler propounded three main laws of learning

(ii) There are three types of realistic thinking

(iii) Try and mistake is a fundamental method of learning

code –

Question 8:

Which of the following is appropriate for environment conductive to thinking and learning in children?

Question 9:

Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences emphasizes:

Question 10:

The term Curriculum in the field of education refers to :

Question 11:

Problem-solving abilities can be facilitated by :

Question 12:

In an effective classroom :

Question 13:

Micro teaching is related to -

Question 14:

In counselling with pupil a teacher should-

Question 15:

National curriculum framework 2005 document contained for language

Question 16:

The purpose of TET is to measure which of the following?

Question 17:

Which is not another name for middle childhood ?

Question 18:

I.Q.A of a Talented Child is-

Question 19:

Work motivation is-

Question 20:

Scaffolding in the context of learning theories refers to?

Question 21:

Which of the following statement must appropriately defines the term 'Inclusion'.

Question 22:

It is important to create learning environment in the classroom should-

Question 23:

Total time taken during feedback in Indian model of Micro Teaching is

Question 24:

Which of the following is a better way of teaching?

Question 25:

Which of the following is the characteristic of an Introvert personality?