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Question 1:

Pointing towards a person Santosh said, “He is the son of my sister’s grandfather’s son-in-law’s daughter’s mother”. How Santosh’s father is related to that person?

Question 2:

S is the brother of P. R is the brother of P. T is the mother of P. T is the wife of K. How is P related to T?

Question 3:

Vinod pointing towards a lady said to his friend, "She is the mother of the daughter of my Son”." How is Vinod related to that lady’s daughter?

Question 4:

A is B’s sister, C is B’s mother, D is C’s father, E is D’s mother, then how A is related to D ?

Question 5:

Based on the statements, given below, find out who is the uncle of P? K is the brother of J. M is the sister of K. P is the brother of N. N is the daughter of J.?

Question 6:

Preeti has a son, named Arun. Ram is Preeti’s brother. Neeta too has a daughter named Reema. Neeta is Ram’s sister. What is Arun’s relationship to Reema?

Question 7:

A prisoner introduced a boy who came to visit him to the jailor as . I have not brother and sister. he is my father’s son’s son”. Who is the boy ?

Question 8:

Pointing towards a woman in a photograph Vijay said, “She is the daughter of the father of sister of my brother”. How is the lady in the photograph related to Vijay?

Question 9:

Sunil is the son of Kesav. Simran, Kesav’s sister, has a son Maruti and daughter Sita. Prem is the maternal uncle of Maruti. How is Sunil related to Maruti ?

Question 10:

Pointing to the photograph of a girl Akanksha, Rajeev said. "Her daughter's father's wife's mother is my wife's daughter's mother's mother-in-law". How is Rajeev related to Akanksha?