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Question 1:

In which of the following chemical reaction , there is change in colour observed?

Question 2:

Calcium carbonate undergoes a decomposition reaction, resulting in the formation of______.

  1. Quick lime 
  2. Slaked lime
  3. Carbon dioxide 
  4. Water

Question 3:

A white salt (A)  on heating decomposes to give brown fumes(B) and a yellow residue (C) is left behind. A , B and C are-

Question 4:

Which of the following is a decomposition reaction?
MCQ Questions for Class 10 Science Chemical Reactions and Equations with Answers 1

Question 5:

Calcium oxide reacts with water , result in formation of 

  1. Slaked lime
  2. Calcium hydroxide
  3. Quick lime
  4. Heat is released 

Question 6:

DIRECTIONS: Read the following two statements and choose the correct answer. 

Statement 1 - Decomposition of lead nitrate is an endothermic reaction.

Statement 2 – Heat is required for the decomposition of lead nitrate.

Question 7:

Burning of coal is an example of 

  1. Combination reaction 
  2. Exothermic reaction 
  3. Endothermic reaction 
  4. Combustion reaction

Question 8:

Which of the following are exothermic processes?

  1. Reaction of water with quick lime
  2. Sublimation of naphthalene
  3. Evaporation of water
  4. Dilution of an acid 

Question 9:

2g of ferrous sulphate crystals are heated in a dry boiling tube. Which type of chemical reaction is this?

  1. Decomposition reaction
  2. Exothermic reaction
  3. Combustion reaction 
  4. Endothermic reaction

Question 10:

Which among the following option is true regarding the given statement?
Exposure of silver chloride to sunlight for a long duration turns grey due to-