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Question 1:

When the price of sugar increased by 28%, a family reduced its consumption per month such that the expenditure on sugar was only 12% more than the earlier one. If the family consumed 18.4 kg sugar per month earlier, then what is its new consumption of sugar per month?

Question 2:

In a constituency, 55% of the total number of voters is males and the rest are females. If 40% of the males are literate and 40% of the females are literate, then by what percentage is the number of illiterate females more than that of the literate males: (correct to one decimal place)

Question 3:

The present population of a village (males and females) is 7640. If the number of males increases by 25% and the number of females increases by 15%, then the population will become 9214. The difference between the present population of males and females in the village is:

Question 4:

In a workshop with 80 students and 10 resource persons, sweets were distributed at the end of the workshop. The amount spent for distributing sweets to each student was 30% of the total number of students and amount spent towards each resource person was 40% of the total number of students. The total amount spent for sweets distribution in the workshop was

Question 5:

If the length of a rectangle is increased by 12% and the breadth of the rectangle is decreased by 8%, then percentage change in the area of the rectangle will be:

Question 6:

If the length of a cuboid is increased by 12%, breadth of the cuboid is decreased by 10% and the height of the cuboid is increased 5%, then what is the change in its volume?

Question 7:

If X% of 480 = Y and Y% of X = 202.8, then find the value of X+Y.

Question 8:

If the length of a rectangle is increased by 12% and breadth of the rectangle changes by X% then the percentage increase in the area of the rectangle is 7.52%. Find the value of X.

Question 9:

The difference between the two positive numbers is 1020. If 7.6% of the greater number is 12.4% of the smaller number, then the sum of two numbers is equal to:

Question 10:

35% of goods were sold at a profit of 65%, while the remaining were sold at x% loss. If the overall loss is 12%, then what is the value of x?(correct to one decimal place)