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Question 1:

The average of the first 80 positive integers is:

Question 2:

The average of the 23 consecutive positive integers is 51. The product of the largest and smallest integer is

Question 3:

The average temperature of Australia in the first four days of June 2021 was 52 degrees. The average for the second, third, fourth and fifth days was 55 degrees. If the temperatures of the first and fifth days were in the ratio $5: 7$, then what was the temperature of Australia on 5 th June 2021 ?

Question 4:

The average score (runs/match) of Kohli before the start of World Cup was 35 . In the world cup of 6 matches, his total score was 360 runs. Find the total number of matches played by him till date, if his new average after the series is $40$.

Question 5:

In a class, there are 15 students at the age of 18 years, 12 students at the age of 23 years and 7 students at the age of 13 years. What is the average age of a student?

Question 6:

The average of 21, 28 and $x$ is 54. What is the value of $\mathrm{x}$?

Question 7:

Find the average of $\frac{1+2^{2}+3^{2}+\cdots 10^{2}}{1+2+3+\cdots 10}$

Question 8:

The average of thirteen numbers is 47. The average of the first three numbers is 39 and that of next seven numbers is 49. The 11th number is two times the 12th number and 12th number is 3 less than the 13th number. What is the average of 11th and 13th numbers?

Question 9:

If the average of four consecutive odd numbers is 16. Find the difference between the multiplication of first and last number and the multiplication of second and third number.

Question 10:

Average age of $A, B$ and $C$ is 34 years, 7 years ago, average age of $A$ and $C$ was 23 years. If $B$ is 10 years older than $\mathrm{C}$, then find the age of A. (in years)