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Question 1:

Which one of the following statements regarding the Governor is not correct?

Question 2:

Rashtrapati Bhavan was designed by-

Question 3:

Under which Article of the Constitution, the Attorney General of India is appointed by the President?

Question 4:

Which one of the following is the largest borderless country in terms of geographical area?

Question 5:

Which is the largest freshwater lake of Rajasthan?

Question 6:

Which soil is best suited for cotton cultivation?

Question 7:

During the time of which of the following rulers Timur Lang attacked Delhi?

Question 8:

Which Mughal emperor had added the rule of "monthly salary" to the Mansabdari system?

Question 9:

With reference to history of India, the terms Ma and Belly denote-

Question 10:

______was the Mughal emperor during the revolt of 1857?