RRB GROUP D Physics Quiz - 72

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Question 1:

If the power of a corrective lens is + 2.0 D , then it is a –

Question 2:

A shake is the unit of the

Question 3:

The speed of a man is 240 cm/s. The man travels in a day is

Question 4:

What keeps our atmosphere held to the Earth?

Question 5:

Tape recorder should not be kept near one of the following things–

Question 6:

The absorption of Electromagnetic waves by the atmosphere depends on-

Question 7:

Lux is the SI unit of -

Question 8:

The numerical ratio of distance and displacement for a moving object is

Question 9:

What is geodynamo?

Question 10:

How much work is done in moving a charge of 4 C across two points having a potential difference of 28 V?