NTPC CBT-2 Physics Quiz - 73

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Question 1:

Which of the following is true for magnification produced by a lens?

Question 2:

If the power of an object is expressed in terms of Dioptre, then the object must be a/an _____.

Question 3:

Gauss’s Law is used to find the electric field by considering a Gaussian surface around the point where we calculate the field, the Gauss law for electric field is valid for-

Question 4:

_____________ is define as the rate of change of displacement with time.

Question 5:

For a sound wave, frequency is 9400 Hz and speed is 282 m/s in a given medium. The wavelength of the wave is-

Question 6:

Which of the following is the S.I. unit of weight ?

Question 7:

A domestic lighting circuit has a fuse of 5 A. If the mains supply is at 230 V, calculate the maximum number of 36 W tube-lights that can be safely used in this circuit.

Question 8:

The marching soldiers break steps while crossing a bridge because of

Question 9:

Calculate the area of cross-section of a wire if its length is 1.0 m, its resistance is 23 Ω and the resistivity of the material of the wire is 1.84 x 10-6 Ωm.

Question 10:

A car moving along a straight highway with speed of 72 km/h is brought to a stop within a distance of 100 m, how long does it take for the car to stop?