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Question 1:

If $x^{3}+4 x^{2}-a x+b$ is exactly divisible by $\left(x^{2}-9\right)$, then the value of $(a-b)$ is:

Question 2:

Compute : 4992 ÷ 624 – 10

Question 3:

A cylindrical rod of maximum length $9 \sqrt{6} \mathrm{~m}$ is kept inside a room. If the walls of the room are square, then find the total surface area of the room.

Question 4:

Find the sum of $0.9 + 0.99+0.999+$ upto $\mathrm{n}$ terms?

Question 5:

What approximate value should come in place of question mark (?) in the following question?

$24.03 \times 18.96-7.25 \times 43.98+12.98=?$

Question 6:

Find the last digit of the number $1^{3}+2^{3}+3^{3}+\ldots+99^{3}$.

Question 7:

In the given expression find the Remainder

$\left(\frac{100 !+3}{101}\right)$

Question 8:

If $A=15 \mathrm{~cm}, B=18 \mathrm{~cm}$ and $C=20 \mathrm{~cm}$ then, Find:- $A^{3}+B^{3}+C^{3}-3 A B C$

Question 9:

Distribute Rs.440 among 80 students such that each boy gets Rs.6 and each girl gets Rs.4. Find the possible number of boys-

Question 10:

$\frac{(1+\tan \theta+\sec \theta)(1+\cot \theta-\operatorname{cosec} \theta)}{(\sec \theta+\tan \theta)(1-\sin \theta)}$