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Question 1:

Microsoft Word is an example of

Question 2:

The Delimitation Commission headed by Justice Ranjana Prakash Desai finalised the delimitation order for which state/UT ?

Question 3:

Which of the following units is used to measure the intensity of noise?

Question 4:

Which of the following fuel is used for producing water gas and producer gas?

Question 5:

Which of the following instruments is used to measure the heat absorbed or evolved?

Question 6:

What is international migration?

Question 7:

Dumka's Hijla Mela in Santhal Pargana is held on the banks of which river?

Question 8:

Which of the following statements is not correct?

Question 9:

Murrah' is a breed of which domestic animal?

Question 10:

Lingaraja temple is located in -