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Question 1:

When was the Uttar Pradesh State Mineral Development Corporation established?

Question 2:

The biggest means of irrigation in the Uttar Pradesh is -

Question 3:

The only classical dance form of Uttar Pradesh is-

Question 4:

Which city in Uttar Pradesh produces large quantity of brassware?

Question 5:

A farmer enters into an agreement with a person or a company that he will sell his produce to it at a fixed price and time. What type of agriculture is this?

Question 6:

Which of the following is a Kharif crop ?

Question 7:

Where is the Headquarters of the Small Industrial Development Bank of India ?

Question 8:

How many meetings of a Gram Sabha are to be held in a Year ?

Question 9:

How much money has been allocated for Rural Development in the Uttar Pradesh budget 2021-22?

Question 10:

Which officer of the state government is responsible for implementing the resolution of the Kshettra Panchayats and its Committee ?