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Question 1:

Count the number of squares in the given figure.

Question 2:

If North-East becomes North, then what will east become?

Question 3:

Which of the two conclusions can be concluded on the basis of the given statements?

Statements: No pens are erasers. All erasers are books.


I. Some pens are not books.

II. Some books are not pens.

Question 4:

X is the son of Y; Y is the wife of Z. W is the father of Z. Then Y will be the ________ of W.

Question 5:

Find the missing number from the given responses.

Question 6:

In a certain code language, MONITOR is coded as QRPMOLQ. How is CONTROL coded in that code language?

Question 7:

What was the day of the week on 14th November 2015?

Question 8:

Find the odd one out from the given alternatives.

Question 9:

Horse is related to Neigh, similarly Lion is related to ____.

Question 10:

Find the related number to complete the analogy.

82 : 40 : : 64 : ?