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Question 1:

In $\triangle P Q R \quad\left\lfloor P=90^{\circ}, P S \perp Q R\right.$ at $S . \mathrm{~If } P Q=12 \mathrm{~cm}$ and $P R=16 \mathrm{~cm}$ then what is length of $Q S$ ?

Question 2:

2 men and 3 boys can do a piece of work in 10 days while 3 men and 2 boys can do the same work in 8 days. In how many days can 2 men and 1 boy do the work ?

Question 3:

The Sum of ages of $\mathrm{A}, \mathrm{B}$ and $\mathrm{C}$, 3 years ago was 78 years. After 9 years ratio will be $3: 7 : 9$. Find present age of youngest person.

Question 4:

If 16 is the mean of 12, 19, 14, 25, X then find out the value of X.

Question 5:

If the product of two numbers is 3360 and their LCM is 96 , find their HCF.

Question 6:

The ratio of the current ages of Ram and Mahesh is $4: 5 .$ After four years the ratio of their ages become $14: 17$. Then find the present age of Ram.

Question 7:

If $(x-4)^{2}=(y+6)^{2}=(z-15)^{2}=0$, then what is the value of $x+y+z-10$ ?

Question 8:

If the edge of the cube is doubled, then find the percentage increase in volume of cube.

Question 9:

A man covered half of the distance by $3 \mathrm{x} \mathrm{km} / \mathrm{hr}$ and rest by $5 \mathrm{x} \mathrm{km} / \mathrm{hr}$. What is the average speed of the man?

Question 10:

There are two inlet pipes $\mathrm{A}$ and $\mathrm{B}$ can fill a tank in 20 minutes and 30 minutes respectively. Outlet pipe C can empty the whole tank in 15 minutes. What time will they take (in minutes) to fill the whole tank, if they start together?