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Question 1:

Which state ranks first in the country in terms of rice production?

Question 2:

When was the Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana started?

Question 3:

Movement of sunflower in accordance with the path of Sun is due to which of the following processes?

Question 4:

Consider the following pairs of compounds with their chemical name-

  1. Blue Vitriol – Copper sulphate
  2. White vitriol – Zinc sulphate
  3. Green vitriol – Iron(II) sulphate
  4. Oil of vitriol - Sulphuric Acid

Which of the above are correct?

Question 5:

The Himalayan rivers, while descending from the mountains, form a wide strip of stones and pebbles on the shield of Shivalik, What is that strip called?

Question 6:

Which of the following two continents present a mirror image of each other?

Question 7:

On which of the following issues can the Governor make recommendations to the President?

Question 8:

Which language was used as the official language in Satavahana Age?

Question 9:

Yapaniya sect relates to which of the following religions ?

Question 10:

In which of the following inscriptions of Ashoka his name “Ashoka'' is found?