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Question 1:

Which is the India's first airline  to use GPS-aided Geo Augmented Navigation 'Gagan System' recently ?

Question 2:

Which of the following glands in human beings’ secrets more than two hormones?

Question 3:

Why is Red Light used in traffic signals?

Question 4:

“Svedberg Unit” is a unit of _________?

Question 5:

Which of the following states has the least area?

Question 6:

The Sadler Commission was related to  ?

Question 7:

Who among the following founded the "All India Anti-Untouchability League"?

Question 8:

Lakshadweep is the island group of India that has :

Question 9:

Which medieval king of India introduced the 'Iqta system'?

Question 10:

Why is Vodhgaya an important Buddhist pilgrimage centre?