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Question 1:

According to the Ministry of Power, the maximum demand for electricity has crossed how many gigawatts on 26 April ?

Question 2:

Stick immersed in water appears bent due to the phenomenon of?

Question 3:

Which of the following is correct about "genome (or gene) editing"?
1. Genome editing uses a type of enzyme called an ‘engineered nuclease’ which cuts the genome in a specific place.
2. Genome (or gene) editing is a way of making specific changes to the DNA of a cell or organism.

Question 4:

Ministry of rural development and CIRDAP signed an agreement on establishment of CIRDAP centre at National institute of rural development and Panchayati raj, it is located at which of the following places ?

Question 5:

Which of the following rivers has the largest catchment area?

Question 6:

Which of the following planets is smaller in size than the Earth?

Question 7:

The main objective of Article 13 of the Indian Constitution is to ensure the supremacy of the Constitution in respect of which of the following?

Question 8:

A committee was set up in 1889 to get support for the Congress. Who among the following was the chairman of that committee-

Question 9:

Kirti Stambha' of Chittor was constructed during the rule of -

Question 10:

In which of the following inscriptions both Chandragupta and Ashoka are mentioned?