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Question 1:

Assertion(A) - The solution of oxide of sulphur turns blue litmus red.

Reason (R) - The oxide of sulphur is basic in nature.

Choose the correct option

Question 2:

Which of the following non metal displaces bromine from bromide?

Question 3:

Hydrides of non metal-

  1. are covalent hydrides
  2. conduct electricity
  3. do not conduct electricity 
  4. may be acidic, basic or neutral

Question 4:

Who invented the Vaccine of Rabies?

Question 5:

Who is known as the father of modern taxonomy?

Question 6:

Which of the studies of protozoa or unicellular organisms?

Question 7:

The first law of thermodynamics is simply the case of-

Question 8:

If the potential difference between the end of a wire of fixed resistance is doubled, by how much does the electric power increase?

Question 9:

A cricketer can throw a ball to a maximum horizontal distance of 100 m. How much high above the ground can the cricketer throw the same ball?

Question 10:

An object is covering equal distance in equal intervals of time it is said to be in which type of motion?