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Question 1:

By selling 25 pencils, a shopkeeper gains selling price of 5 pencils. Find the gain%.

Question 2:

Running at the speed of $3 \mathrm{~km} / \mathrm{hr}$, a person reaches his destination $10$ minutes later than usual time. if he increases his speed by $1 \mathrm{~km} / \mathrm{hr}$, he reaches his destination $15$ min earlier. find the distance to his destination.

Question 3:

15 women together can complete a work in 8 hours. In how many hours will 6 women together complete the same work ?

Question 4:

Find the value:- $\frac{\cos 10^{\circ}+\sin 10^{\circ}}{\cos 10^{\circ}-\sin 10^{\circ}}$

Question 5:

Age of Ajay and Vijay is in the ratio $8: 9$, after 9 years their ages are in the ratio 19 : 21. Find the present age of Vijay. (in years)

Question 6:

Marked price of bat is Rs. 2400 . A trader sold it at $20 \%$ discount. Find selling price of bat.

Question 7:

The median of a frequency distribution is 56 and the mode is 18 . What is the mean?

Question 8:

What should come in place of question mark (?) in the following question?

$2^{8} \times 2^{12} \div 4^{4} \times 8^{3} \div 16^{3}=2^{?}$

Question 9:

What will be the least number which when doubled, will be exactly divisible by 4,6,9,12 and 14 ?

Question 10:

What will be the compound interest on a sum of rupees 36520 in 2 years at rate of $12 \%$ per annum compounded annually? (in rupees)