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Question 1:

What is Hydroponics?

Question 2:

________ is known as the brain of the Computer.

Question 3:

These are the main component of ‘acid’ rain

Question 4:

The Union Government of India has announced that a Digital University will be established with world class quality universal education and an International Arbitration Centre at which of these places?

Question 5:

Which country possesses the most uranium reserves in the world?

Question 6:

Under which one of the following Articles of the Constitution the executive powers of the Union are vested in the President?

Question 7:

Which of the following Articles deals with the bills reserved by the Governor for consideration of the President?

Question 8:

What was Chaitanya's real name?

Question 9:

Which one of the following popular magazines of the revolutionary period criticized the Congress for several reasons?

Question 10:

Who among the following gave the title of Sawai to Jai Singh?