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Question 1:

A family consists of two parents and three children. If the average age of the parents is 36 years and that of the children is 10 years. Find the average age (in years) of the family.

Question 2:

The average of first 3 numbers are 9. The average of first two numbers is 7 while that of the last two is 6. Find the numbers .

Question 3:

The average of 29 consecutive numbers is 48 . The largest of these numbers is:

Question 4:

The average of four consecutive even numbers W, X, Y and Z respectively (in increasing order) is 37. What is the product of X and Y?

Question 5:

Average of 27 consecutive even number is 64 Find out the second highest number.

Question 6:

What is the ratio of average of all even numbers between 104 and 148 and average of all odd numbers from 113 to $159 ?$

Question 7:

The average of $1,3,5,7,9,11,13, \ldots .$ upto 41 terms is:

Question 8:

Average age of $A, B$ and $C$ is 34 years, 7 years ago, average age of $A$ and $C$ was 23 years. If $B$ is 10 years older than $\mathrm{C}$, then find the age of A. (in years)

Question 9:

The average of square of natural numbers from 1 to 83 is?

Question 10:

An hour-long test has 100 problems. If a student completes 10 problems in 36 minutes, then the required time (in seconds) he should take on an average for solving each of the remaining problems is: