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Question 1:


$11 \times ? \times 19=19^{3}-37 \times 95$

Question 2:

A man invested an amount of ₹15,000 at a certain rate of interest per annum to obtain a total amount of ₹24600 in 8 years at simple interest. What will be the rate of interest to obtain the given amount?

Question 3:

One person sold an article at a loss of $30 \%$ if he had sold the article for Rs. 200 more, then he Would have gained $20 \%$. Find the cost price of that article.

Question 4:

Two fair dice are rolled. What is the probability that their sum is greater than $4 ?$

Question 5:

Sunil can type Group D exam paper questions in 16 hours . In how many hours will the questions be typed by Anshu , if the efficiency of Anshu is 60% more than that of Sunil ?

Question 6:

10 men can do a work in 16 days and 12 women can do the work in 20 days. In how many days 8 man and 15 women thrice the work?

Question 7:

Range of the following data 13,21,42,19,23,64,56,71,85,25,9 is

Question 8:

Rishika and Akash invested some money in partnership. Rishika invested Rs. 1875 and got Rs. 225. If Akash as his share from the profit earned Rs. 288, then what amount did Akash invest?

Question 9:

A, B and C subscribe to a business of Rs. 50,000 . B subscribes Rs. 6,000 more than C and A subscribes Rs. 2,000 more than B. What will be A's share of profit out of a total profit of Rs. $10,000 ?$

Question 10:

A loss of Rs. 1,152 has to be divided among $A, B$ and $C$ in the ratio $7: 8: 9$, then what is the share of $A$ ?