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Question 1:

Three numbers are in the ratio $5: 4: 7$ and sum of their squares is equal to 810 then what is the difference between 3rd and 1st number?

Question 2:

A vessel contains 125 litre of milk. Certain part of mixture is replaced by water twice. Then find quantity of mixture (in litre) replaced. If ratio between milk to water becomes $16: 9 .$

Question 3:

An employer reduces the number of employees in the ratio $8: 5$ and increases their wages in the ratio $7: 9$. As a result, the overall wages bill is:

Question 4:

If $A: B=4: 5, C: B=9: 7$, then, $A+C: B+$ $\mathrm{C}: \mathrm{B}-\mathrm{A}=?$

Question 5:

A man invested $15 \%$ of his monthly income in LIC and the remaining amount gave to his mother. Her mother spent $10 \%$ of it in household expenditure and thus she saved Rs. 30,600 , then find the monthly salary of the man.

Question 6:

The initial ratio of sugar and flour in a food item was $17: 28$. Elizabeth added so much flour to this $27 \mathrm{~kg}$ food that the ratio of sugar and flour becomes $2: 5$. How much flour did Elizabeth add later?

Question 7:

The ratio of the sum of two numbers and their difference is $5: 1$ The ratio of the greater number to the smaller number is:

Question 8:

If $x: 12:: \mathrm{y}: 18$, then $\frac{5 x+3 y}{x+y}=$ ?

Question 9:

A : B $=5: 9$ and B : C = $4: 5$, then (A+B) : (B $+$ C) : $(\mathrm{C}+\mathrm{A})$ is:

Question 10:

Two numbers are respectively $20 \%$ and $50 \%$ more than a third number. The ratio of the first two numbers is.