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Question 1:

Aman has twice as many toffees as Shanti, Shanti has $50 \%$ more toffees than Khushi. If average number of toffees that they have is 165 , then Aman has how many more toffees than Khushi.

Question 2:

There are 36 students in hostel. If number of students increase by 9 , then the expenses of the mess increased by ₹45 per day while the average expenditure per head diminishes by Rs 2 . Find the Original expenditure of the mess.

Question 3:

Average of 27 consecutive even number is 64 Find out the second highest number.

Question 4:

The average of the first 80 positive integers is:

Question 5:

A man purchased 7 bags of rice at the rate of Rs. 700 each, 8 bags of rice at Rs. 900 each and 5 bags of rice at rate of Rs. 1100 each. What is the average cost of one bag of rice?

Question 6:

If the median of the distribution 10, 12 , 13 , 16 , x , 20 , 25 , 30 is 8 then the value of x is

Question 7:

The average present age of Anshu and Shivani is 21 years. After 3 years, the ratio of ages of Anshu and Shivani will be $9: 7$. What will be the age of Shivani after 5 years from present?

Question 8:

The average of the 17 consecutive positive integers is 77 . The product of the largest and smallest integer is

Question 9:

The sum of nine consecutive even numbers of a set is 738 . What is the average of first six numbers of the same set?

Question 10:

What is the average of all numbers between 500 and 600 which are divisible by 13 ?