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Question 1:

Arun scores $25 \%$ and fails by 60 marks, while Surya scores $45 \%$ marks and get 90 marks more than the minimum required marks to pass the examination. Find out the maximum marks of the examination.

Question 2:

Out of two numbers, $65 \%$ of the smaller numbre is equal to $45 \%$ of the larger number. If the sum of the number is 2574, then what is the value of larger number?

Question 3:

A mixture contains $35 \%$ milk. If 4-liter water is added, the percent of milk becomes $30 \%$. Find initial quantity of mixture?

Question 4:

An article is sold for Rs. 372 after two successive discounts of $25 \%$ and $38 \%$ on its marked price. Total discount (in Rs.) is:

Question 5:

In an examination, Chitra obtained $58.5$ marks, which was equivalent to obtaining $78 \%$ marks. How many marks was the exam?

Question 6:

The difference between the numbers obtained by adding $8\%$ to a number and subtracting $3\%$ is 407. The original number is-

Question 7:

If the price of onion is reduced by $10\%$, then by what percentage should the housewife consume it more so that the expenditure on this item is not reduced?

Question 8:

When a number is increase by $20 \%$ and then decrease by 20 we get 160 . If a number decreases by $20 \%$ and increases by 20 , what will we get?

Question 9:

A solution contains $32 \mathrm{~g}$ of common salt in $320 \mathrm{~g}$ of water. Calculate the concentration in terms of mass by mass percentage of the solution.

Question 10:

A and B both spend 30% of their income together which is equal to Rs. 26400. If income of A is 20% more than that of B, then find the income of B (in Rs.)?