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Question 1:

Where was the first Buddhist council/conference/assembly held ?

Question 2:

Where was the Great Bath found in the Harappan Civilization?

Question 3:

Which one of following was the gold coins of the Gupta period?

Question 4:

In which composition/book of Kalidasa the mention of Mahakal temple of Ujjain is found?

Question 5:

In which Buddhist council was the book 'Vibhasha Shastra' composed?

Question 6:

On which of the following river banks is the Harappan site 'Daimabad' situated?

Question 7:

In which of the following year did Dalhousie annexed Jhansi with the British state?

Question 8:

Who was the first President of All India Trade Union Congress ?

Question 9:

Match List I with List - II and select the correct answer Using the codes given below the lists



Question 10:

Which of the following hill tribes did the British first come into contact with after being granted Diwani in 1765?