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Question 1:

The 'Jahaj-Mahal' of Mandu was built by whom?

Question 2:

Which is the largest of the following Duns with an approximate length of 35-45 km and a width of 22-25 km  ?

Question 3:

An object is covering equal distance in equal intervals of time it is said to be in which type of motion?

Question 4:

What controls the development of a particular characteristic of an organism?

Question 5:

Recently Defence Minister Rajnath Singh took a sea flight on the Scorpene-class submarine INS Khanderi at Karwar Naval Base in Karnataka, where has this submarine been manufactured ?

Question 6:

In which account an overdraft facility of 5000 is given ?

Question 7:

Which of the following ministry controls cow slaughter in India?

Question 8:

Which of the following athletes has been chosen as the male athlete of the year 2021, by the World Athletic organisation ?

Question 9:

Which player recently won the title of Estoril Open Tennis 2022 ?

Question 10:

World Health Day is celebrated on which day?