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Question 1:

"Shrestha” scheme is related to –

Question 2:

Bank rate means -

Question 3:

Which Article of the Indian Constitution directs the state governments to organize village panchayats ?

Question 4:

Match the following :

a. Indian National Army                1. Lala Hardayal

b. Ghadar Party                              2. Subhash  Chandra Bose

c. Mitra Mela                                   3. V. D. Savarkar

d. Home Rule                                 4. Annie Besant League

Question 5:

Dr. Norman E. Borlaug was from which country?

Question 6:

In which state is the 'silent Valley' located in India?

Question 7:

The state sport is -

Question 8:

When was the Uttar Pradesh State Mineral Development Corporation established?

Question 9:

From which age rocks were formed in the southern plateau of Uttar Pradesh?

Question 10:

How many times President's rule has been imposed in the Uttar Pradesh till now?