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Question 1:

Who among the following was the first to explain that the Earth's rotation on its axis causes sunrise and sunset every day?

Question 2:

What was the subject of the ancient Indian book 'Mrichhakatikam' written by Shudrak ?

Question 3:

As long as you live life happily, even if you have to take a loan for it, because after the body is consumed there can be no return.' Who is saying the above lines that prohibits reincarnation?

Question 4:

According to Advaita Vedanta, by which of the following liberation can be attained?

Question 5:

Which sage is said to have Aryanized South India and made them Aryans?

Question 6:

The king of which dynasty of South India sent an emissary to the kingdom of Rome in 26 BC?

Question 7:

Where did the Roman settlement come from?

Question 8:

Who was the author of 'Mattavilasa Prahasan'?

Question 9:

Copper plate inscriptions show that in ancient times the kings of Bihar had contact with -

Question 10:

Who built the 'Tribhuvan Narayan Temple' of Chittor?

Question 11:

For the development of commerce-trade, Sher Shah did the following things:

1.Construction of roads and Sarai (rest house)

2.The goods of trade were taxed at only one place in the whole empire.

3.He started the principle of regional responsibility for regional crime.

4.Beginning of coin- Silver Rupee and Copper Daam

Which of the above statements are correct:

Question 12:

Consider the following statements regarding the Vakil during the Mughal empire:

1.He was responsible for making policy.

2.He was able to appoint and dismiss officials at all levels.

3.He was controller of  both revenue and military affairs.

Which of the following is correct?

Question 13:

Who among the following was born in the military cantonment in the course of his father's campaigns?

Question 14:

Which assembly was used to be adorned by the great Jain scholar, Hemachandra?

Question 15:

The poet and playwright Rajasekhar was in the court of which of the following?

Question 16:

Who among the following provided financial assistance for the reconstruction of the demolished mosque at Khambhat?

Question 17:

When Sindh was conquest by Muhammad bin Qasim?

Question 18:

Who among the following Chandela ruler was not defeated by Mahmud Ghaznavi?

Question 19:

Who issued silver coins with Sanskrit inscription on one side?

Question 20:

Who was the author of Shahnama ?