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Question 1:

The succession that occurs on land where moisture content is low is known as -

Question 2:

In case of which one of the following biogeochemical cycles, the weathering of rocks is the main source of release of nutrients to enter the cycle?

Question 3:

Which one of the following issues Environmental Policy is mainly concerned with?

Question 4:

When was the Indian Forest Act established?

Question 5:

In 1972 which Act formed in India to protect the wildlife of India?

Question 6:

Under which domain 7th five year plan helped in the protection of the environment?

Question 7:

In India which state is covered under Wildlife protection Act, 1972 ?

Question 8:

Free Chlorine is not used as a disinfectant in European countries because-

  1. It freezes below 10 degree Celsius
  2. It does not form any sludge during disinfection

Question 9:

Which of the following is the filter feeder?

Question 10:

What is a Red Data Book ( also called as a Red List )?