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Question 1:

In which state 'Dahi Handi' has been given the status of an official sport ?

Question 2:

World Senior Citizens Day is observed every year on which date ?

Question 3:

Which of the following districts has become the first 'functionally literate' district of India?

Question 4:

World Photography Day is celebrated every year on which date ?

Question 5:

According to the Ministry of External Affairs, where will the 17th Pravasi Bharatiya Divas 2023 be organised in January next year ?

Question 6:

The armies of India and China will participate in the strategic command and staff exercise Vostok-2022 to be held in which country ?

Question 7:

Which union minister recently launched the online marketplace feature "Aqua Bazaar" in "Matsya Setu" mobile app ?

Question 8:

Who among the following became the first Indian to play in the UEFA Women's Champions League ?

Question 9:

World Humanitarian Day is observed annually on which date ?

Question 10:

Where is the 65th Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference being held recently ?