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Question 1:

Which of the following rivers flows in a fault valley?

Question 2:

Which is the correct sequence of Godavari, Mahanadi, Narmada and Tapti in descending order of length of rivers?

Question 3:

Which of the following rivers were connected in 2015?

Question 4:

The river which is different from the rest is-

Question 5:

Consider the following rivers-

1- Vanshdhara

2- Indravati

3- Pranahita

4- Pennar

Which of the above are tributaries of Godavari?

Question 6:

Which one of the following rivers is a trans-Himalayan (Trans-Himalayan) river?

Question 7:

An example of inland drainage river is-

Question 8:

Which of the following sequences present the correct location of the ranges in the Satpura region from West to East?

Question 9:

Select from the code given below the correct locational sequence of the following hills proceeding from south to north.

1. Satmala hills

2. Kaimur hills

3. Pir Panjal Range

4. Naga hills

Question 10:

Which one of the following is not correctly matched: