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Question 1:

Calculate the area of cross-section of a wire if its length is 1.0 m, its resistance is 23 Ω and the resistivity of the material of the wire is 1.84 x 10-6 Ωm.

Question 2:

100 joules of heat is produced per second in a 4 ohm resistor. What is the potential difference across the resistor ?

Question 3:

What do you call the effect of splitting of a spectral line into several components in the presence of a static magnetic field?

Question 4:

The weight of an object on the surface of the earth is 20 N. What will be its weight when measured on the surface of the Moon?

Question 5:

How many metalloids are there in the fourth period of the modern periodic table?

Question 6:

The chemical formula of propane is ……….

Question 7:

Atomic radius in a group and a period ________ .

Question 8:

In a typical flower, germinating pollen grains pass through several parts of the gynoecium before they reach the ovule. A list of the parts of gynoecium is given below in different combinations. Choose the combination that represents the correct sequence of pollen tube pathway/journey

Question 9:

Consider the following statements

  1. Kidneys are situated between last thoracic and lumber vertebra.
  2. Renal tubules starts with Bowman’s capsule.

Which of the statements given above is correct with respect to kidney?

Question 10:

Which of the correct statement with respect of Angiosperms?

1)    They have vascular bundle with xylem and phloem tissues.

2)    The root system of this division of plant kingdom is fully developed.

Select the correct code using the above statement.