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Question 1:

If TEEN is written as 205514, then what will be the code for ENTER?

Question 2:

If 'HONESTY' is written as 2304516 in a code language, then for which word will 0425361 be written in that language?

Question 3:

If 'NOIDA' is written as 39658, then how will 'INDIA' be written?

Question 4:

In a certain code language CRIMINAL is coded as RCJNJLAN then how will TERMITES be coded in that language?

Question 5:

EFG' is related to '567' in the same way as 'OPQ' is related to?

Question 6:

In a code language 319 means 'ice is cold', 431 means 'winter is cold', 249 mans 'ice in winter'. Find the code for 'in'.

Question 7:

In a certain code, PLUS is written as 6275 and ATOM is written as 4813. How is PALM written in that code?

Question 8:

In a certain code, WANT is written as 4715 and COPE is written as 2863. How is NOTE written in that code?

Question 9:

In a certain code language, FRIED is coded as UIRVW and PLANT is coded as KOZMG then, in the same manner, how SHOWN would be coded?

Question 10:

In a certain code language, COMPUTRONE is written as PMOCTUENOR. How is ADVANTAGES written in that code ?