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Question 1:

By whom was the first parallel government formed during the Quit India Movement?

Question 2:

What was the number of students who died in the police firing in Patna Secretariat on 11th August 1942 in the order of Quit India Movement?

Question 3:

Who among the following leaders did not Participate in the Shimla conference ?

Question 4:

Quit India Movement Against which British mission/plan was?

Question 5:

Quit India Movement' was started on which of the following day ?

Question 6:

Which of the following statement is  true

(1) Quit India Movement was the last struggle for freedom.

(2) Quit India slogan was given by Gandhiji in 1942.

(3 )Do or die slogan was given by Gandhiji during the Non - Cooperation Movement.

Question 7:

Who operated the radio in Quit India Movement?

Question 8:

Where was Dr. Rajendra Prasad arrested and sent on 9 August 1942?

Question 9:

Which of the following newspapers was published by the government during the Quit India Movement?

Question 10:

Which among the following movements was also known as the August Movement?